Senso Specialty

Organic Blend: 100% organic coffee, balanced by a smooth aftertaste, this coffee is characterized by a cocoa and almond flavor.

El Salvador Honey Red Bourbon: This medium roast coffee, sourced from El Salvador, is sweet and delicious, just like fruit jelly. The aftertaste highlights an excellent tangerine-like acidity.

Colombia Castillo Finca El Porvenir: Sourced from Antiquia, Colombia, this medium roast coffee boasts complex acidity, which ranges from a sweetness reminiscent of candied fruits and notes of oranges and raisins with dried fig aftertaste.

Decaf Blend: Medium Roast/Swiss Water Process made from 100% Arabica blend with good body and delicate acidity, this coffee carries strong notes of chocolate, almond and walnut.

Yergachefe Natural Kochere GR1: Sourced from Kochere, Ethopia, this medium roast coffee has the perception of sweet fruit and chocolate, ending with a pleasant almond note.

Kenya AA: With Kenyan sources, this medium roast coffee has a good body with strong citric acidity. You can taste distinctive notes of ripe lemon and rose, with an aftertaste of orange blossom, honey, spices, and citrus.